Polycrystalline PV Cell

ECS Clean Energy Solutions’ comprehensive services ensure complete customer support.

Expertise & Technical Assistance

Our presence in the electrical industry for over a quarter of a century has given us the expertise and experience to move from being just a supplier, to a knowledgeable and dedicated team of sales and application engineering personnel.

Inventory Management Program

• Availability of material, plus safety stock
• Immediate shipment of material upon field release
• Firm pricing
• Dedicated Project Manager

Field Services & Technical Audits

• Proof of performance
• Sizing of PV and interconnection systems
• Efficiency optimization for the overall PV system
• Compliance with the local and international codes, standards

Product Support

We back our products by working closely with our suppliers, including:
• Module and inverter manufacturers
• Mounting system, BOS (Balance of System) providers and wholesalers
• Designers and project developers
• Installers

Training Seminars

• Extensive training programs and courses for solar installers, electricians, and project developers
• Hands-on workshops
• Introducing new products